Cognito: Transform your databases and Excel spreadsheets into interactive business intelligence.

Big Data era is in full force today because the world is changing.

Through advances in communications technology, people and things are becoming increasingly interconnected.

Increasingly, organizations today are facing more and more Big Data challenges. They have access to a wealth of information, but they don’t know how to get value out of it because it is sitting in its most raw form or in a semistructured or unstructured format; and as a result, they don’t even know whether it’s worth keeping or even able to keep it for that matter.

Companies are facing these challenges in a climate where they have the ability to store anything and they are generating data like never before in history; combined, this presents a real information challenge. Today’s business has more access to potential insight than ever before, yet as this potential gold mine of data piles up, the percentage of data the business can process is going down.

The Cognito technology and techniques promote the understanding and harvesting of the world’s data reality to provide opportunities for unprecedented insight and the opportunity to change the way things are done.

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Big data can create big insights

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