Sanota: Using information systems to optimize the collection, storage, and use of information in healthcare.

In the digital age, health information is gathered, stored, analyzed and managed constantly.

The healthcare industry is naturally rich with data -- clinical, patient, claim, hospital system, financial, pharmacy and, most recently, data from wearable technology.

From a technology perspective, data is sourced from a myriad of systems with varied levels of sophistication, accessibility, transparency and quality. Systems designed decades ago prior to the advent of Big Data are still prevalent, and pulling data from them can range from merely difficult to downright arcane.

In North America, between payers, providers and patients, the opportunities to combine data sets can far exceed the willingness or ability of all parties to collaborate. Add to that the current state of healthcare data integration tools, and you have quite a challenge to make sense of the healthcare puzzle.

The Sanota technology and techniques provide the cornerstones of people, processes and technology are each properly advanced, we can effectively begin to see more immediate, effective and impactful outcomes from healthcare data analysis.

The integration of healthcare data remains a critical challenge for the industry as it strives to achieve interoperability!

Integration, interoperability and reusability

Health informatics systems integrations substantially improve interoperability and the reusability of components.!


Responsive design means that you can use any device!


Dashboard displays can be customized to your preference!


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Your data is safe and secure, using industry standard encryption!

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